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Battlefield 4 Community Operations – Fall 2015

Battlefield 4 Community Operations is separate from the upcoming Fall Update. This pack includes Operation Outbreak, the map created hand-in-hand with the community.

Enter the dense jungle to battle for supremacy in a valley with a medical research facility. The valley is infantry-focused with limited access, making the use of agile vehicles (such as RHIB’s on the river, quad bikes for fast transportation, and light attack vehicles) critical for success.

Early this year, we revealed the Community Map Project, an initiative where we built a Battlefield 4 map alongside the community, from concept to release. We’ve shared updates throughout the process, taken your feedback, tallied up your votes, and worked with you to make the map that you wanted us to make. And today, we’re happy to formally reveal Battlefield 4 Community Operations, a free* DLC pack coming for all Battlefield 4 players in Fall 2015.

Battlefield 4 Community Operations

We’re looking forward to talking more about Battlefield 4 Community Operations and Operation Outbreak in the coming weeks. Are you ready to draw first blood in the jungle?


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