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Battlefield 4 Gun Master Mode Mission

Are you ready to lock and load on Battlefield 4 Gun Master, If so get ready for another community mission and this time it is on the all new Battlefield 4 Gun Master Mode! So get your boots shined and get ready for combat.

Battlelog – Fixnow

As you may know, the Battlefield 4 Gun Master game mode is now part of the game after the deployment of the Spring Update. Made famous in ”Battlefield 3” Close Quarters, Gun Master is played like a Team Death-match game but with a twist: you don’t get to choose the weapons used. During a round, weapons are swapped every time you get two consecutive kills on an opponent and whoever is the first player to get a kill with the final weapon in the tier wins.

Now, we want you to deep-dive into the additions of the Spring Update in a brand new Community Mission. Jump into Battlefield 4, get 10 kills with Assault Rifles, and do it before June 8, 2AM PT. So let’s go sharpshooters there’s a Gold Battlepack in it for you if you succeed.

Before the mission ends, make sure to claim the Gold Battlepack on the Community Mission page or in the Battlelog menu that you can access while you’re in the game.

This mission is active between June 4, 9AM PT and June 8, 2AM PT. You can pursue this mission in either Gun Master or any other Battlefield 4 game mode.

Track the progress of your Community Mission here. You can also see how you’re doing if you bring up Battlelog from your in-game menu just check the Missions tab (PC, PS4, and Xbox One only).

Gun Master Community Mission – News – Battlelog / Battlefield 4

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