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Battlefield 2042 Announcements

The Battlefield 2042 Announcements section is packed full of interesting information and game news this includes Battlefield 2042 information, beta news and all the latest hot game gossip.

Battlefield 2042 Portal

Anyone who just watched the latest trailer will know that the Battlefield 2042 Portal looks epic! Not only does it bring maps from other Battlefield games it adds the kits, weapons and vehicles and brings many different scenarios to the community read on for full information! Change the rules of war with Battlefield 2042 Portal. Discover unexpected battles across new and classic games…

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Battlefield 2042 Briefing

This Battlefield 2042 Briefing is the text version of the Battlefield 2042 stream that took place earlier today, it gives lots more information about the game so have a good read. Just as in the Battlefield 2042 Stream you get to learn about: Multiplayer Experiences Specialists AI soldiers Maps Dynamic World Weapons, Gadgets and Vehicles Live Service and more.. Watch: Battlefield 2042 Stream…

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Battlefield 2042 Creative Director Shares His Thoughts On Making The Trailer

Battlefield 2042 Creative Director Randy Evans shares his thoughts on the making of the Battlefield 2042 reveal trailer and the risks they took to complete it. Creative Director at DICE Randy Evans is a veteran when it comes down to creating trailers, and has done so for some time now for games such as Battlefield, Star Wars and Mirrors Edge but explains the…

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Battlefield 2042 On Steam

All you STEAM gamers out there will be happy to hear that EA have put Battlefield 2042 On Steam! Yes EA and Valve have finished spitting there dummies out and made friends again for now.. It was only a few months back were EA announced that Battlefield Titles Are Returning To Steam which is great news in our opinion and it’s good to…

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Battlefield 2042 Maps On Release

Battlefield 2042 Maps On Release: One of Battlefield’s biggest attractions along with everything else is the maps and what we have seen so far the release maps for Battlefield 2042 look amazing. We have seen very little so far in the way of news and footage but the news train is about to pull into the station! With Battlefield maps there always needs…

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