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10 More Battlefield Hardline Getaway Tweaks

With the release of the Battlefield Hardline Getaway expansion pack growing closer and closer by the day the team over at Visceral are making sure there is no stone unturned when it comes to giving you a great gaming experience.

Surf the Train
Yep, you can now ride on top of the train in Train Dodge.

And with 10 more tweaks to the expansion pack we are sure that Battlefield Hardline Getaway will do just that! All updates below are Official and can be found here: EA.COM

Hidden Tunnels
You’ll find new places to hide out on the Double Cross map. Search around and see if you can find the new smuggling tunnels.

Clear the Highway
You’ll notice some dead trees on the Pacific Coast Highway. If you knock them over, you’ll create new navigation paths.

New Way to Capture
Players can Capture Bags in Capture the Bag mode even when the bag they are defending has been taken by the other team.

Jam Them Up
The RF Jammer now works both in and out of vehicles.

“This is huge for stopping Breaching Charges in Hotwire mode,”

Stay on the Right Side
Drivers of the Import Tuner will now appear on the right hand side of the car, just like they do in countries where you drive on the left side of the road.

Escape in an Armed Limos
In Getaway, the Limousine is now an armored vehicle, perfect for making a getaway in style.

Diversion Doors
You can now open and close the Large Flood Doors in Diversion, changing the primary flow of the map.

Access Control
Players can access the Center Control Room on Diversion from above. Try sneaking through the vents.

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