Gustav Halling

Battlefield 3 Road To End Game: Air Superiority

Battlefield 3 Road To End Game: Take Part In Epic Dogfights – Air Superiority is for players who want to engage in epic dogfights. Now, we are happy to reintroduce it to old fans and newcomers to the Battlefield series alike. If you haven’t.

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Battlefield 3 Close Quarters Has 10 New Weapons

Hello Soldiers! Today Gustav Halling ‏released on twitter that there will be 10 brand new weapons coming in the Battlefield 3 Close Quarters map pack due to arrive some time in June of this year. Battlefield 3 Close Quarters is a themed expansion pack.

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Battlefield 3 Flying Tips From DICE

Here are some not so great Battlefield 3 Flying tips coming straight from a Dice Team Member, Lead Gameplay Designer Gustav Halling. I would advise not hovering over a flag in a jet tho as you will last two minutes!  You can check.

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