What’s Next For Battlefield Companion

What’s Next For Battlefield Companion

What’s Next For Battlefield Companion? If any of you out there have tried or are using the Battlefield Companion app then you will know it is pretty cool yet it still needs a lot of work and a shed load more functions.

In this post DICE Braddock512 goes over the next steps for the Battlefield Companion app.

Hey everyone,

The team at Uprise continues to work on Battlefield Companion. We’d love to get more feedback from the community, so I’ve created this thread for THAT sole purpose.

Rules to post in this thread are simple:
This isn’t a tech support thread. Please don’t post your BF1 tech questions here. This is for the Battlefield Companion.
If you post an issue, bug, or missing feature, offer a suggestion.
Don’t rant without any constructive, usable feedback. It will be removed. (We want to make it better, right?)
This isn’t Battlelog. Posting “go back to Battlelog” isn’t feedback on making Battlefield Companion better.
Regular forum rules apply, as always.

Now – What are your top 5 NEEDS/WANTS/SUGGESTIONS for improving Battlefield Companion?
Don’t be shy. Be thorough, honest, and constructive. Anything less will be removed.