Battlefield 1 UI Update - May

Battlefield 1 UI Update – May

Sorry this is a late post – DICE are yet again playing with the Battlefield 1 UI and have brought out yet another update, this update brings improvements to things like: visibility in player progression, stats, Operation matchmaking, and more.

This update is a required download for all platforms and regions. If you see the message in your Battlefield 1 main menu regarding a new UI Update, Battlefield 1 will be updated the next time you start up the game.

What was changed? Let’s take a look:

User Interface Improvements

Class Rank Progression in EOR
Players will now see their class rank progression on all classes in their personal tab during end of round.

EOR New Top & Mode stats
Players will now see their top stats in their personal tab during end of round.

Quickmatch to 40/64p Operation
Previously the quickmatch was to 40 player servers only. Quickmatch now shows 64p servers.

Operation Matchmaking Card
Click on the card to start matchmaking directly into an Operations server.

Expansion Pack Offers in Store
Possibility to buy the latest Battlefield 1 expansion pack in the Store.

Spend Your Warbonds Recommendation Card
When clicking the “Warbonds to spend” recommendation card the user is taken to the customize soldier screen.

Premium Pass Information Screen Update
Various updates and improvements.

Additional Quickmatch Options
Operations and War Pigeons options for Battlefield 1 They Shall Not Pass on the Quickmatch screen.