Battlefield 1 Incursions Update January

Battlefield 1 Incursions Update January

Battlefield 1 Incursions Update: Not really sure what to say about Incursions right now as there is not enough players actually playing it

DICE need to start giving more codes out for this as we just sit there waiting for matches 90% of the time and a new Battlefield game will be out by the time this is completed.

As some of you already know, this release introduces Amiens. The community picked this map as their favorite to see in Incursions, and after having playtested it internally over the course of a month, I think it is safe to say it was a good pick!

The mode is Squad Breakthrough, which is a mode previously seen in large scale Operations. We have reduced the number of flags per sector to 1 to accommodate the smaller teams. The distances are also shorter, and the layout of the map opens for many interesting approaches, paths and flanks. Smoke is very effective to keep the enemy in the dark and employ sneaky tactics.

We are aware that there are some issues with the map and mode still, with everything from balance to flag positioning. We’d love to get feedback on all of that. We are also curious to see if you like having Squad Breakthrough with one flag, or if you think it would play better with more.

Giant’s Shadow Redux will not be part of the matchmaking over the weekend, but will be available in Private Matches. On Monday it will be turned on in the matchmaker again.

Listening to feedback and looking at testing, we’ve added new some new things to allow players to try all of the kits Incursions offers as well as new information to explain game mode rules and hints in a practice range. We have also added hints and tool tips for all kits.

It will now be possible to find a match while in a party. Theoretically this should match you against other players in a party of the same size. As always, we want to hear what your experience is with this.

With this release we are also introducing new competitive rankings. Your rank is determined by the level of skill you are at, and the different ranks are Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond, with three divisions in each. This is a first pass implementation, so we are expecting to see bugs and other issues with the system.

We will continuously expand and improve on the competitive rankings.

BF1 Incursions is now updated to reflect the changes that have been brought to the base game over the past year. This means new weapon balance and new movement, as well as some other smaller tweaks. Along with those changes, we have also fixed the following:

The Demo Driver’s 3rd ability Explosive Cargo will cause the vehicle to move forward by itself. This increases the utility of this ability so that the damage has an actual delivery method.
Field guns no longer respawn, but they can be repaired after being destroyed.
Tweaked tank damage to not one-shot infantry unless direct hit.
Tweaked turret rotation on tanks to be less twitchy.

Giant’s Shadow Redux: Removed the gates from both C flag entrances.
Sinai Desert Redux: The flags will slowly uncap unless the controlling team has a player within the capture zone.

Moved the chat upwards while in draft so it doesn’t collide with the rest of the UI.
Disabled the ingame menu while in draft, halftime, and end of round screens.
Added gamemode specific tooltips and fixed some issues with other tooltips (typos and persistence issues.)
Added NPX hint system for player death.
Added Vehicle Recall contextual tooltip.
Added Vehicle 3P Camera Hint.
Added Limpet Charge Charge tooltip.
Added NPX tooltip for Sniper’s Proxy Capture.
Ported over several existing tooltips from base game.

Fixed client crash that would sometimes happen after a match.
Fixed issue where King of the Hill game mode would update skill twice, once at half time and once at full time.
Fixed issue where King of the Hill game mode would update skill for each overtime round.
Fixed issue where player isn’t able to chose anything but default weapon/gadget/secondary if they crashed during loading.
Fixed a client crash that could happen when using surrender.