Battlefield Hardline Live

Battlefield Hardline Live

Get a chance to win 10,000 GBP with Battlefield Hardline Live! This event will be taking place at a secret Central London location for eight days from March 18 until March 25. So are you Battle ready?

*Battlefield Hardline: Live has now finished!

Welcome to the world of crime and revenge! Battlefield Hardline: Live (#BFHardlineLive) gave players the chance to fulfil their criminal fantasies in a high adrenaline, high stakes experience that saw Matt Kerr from Preston as the top crew leader and winner of the £10,000 bounty.

Battlefield Hardline Live

Players led their crew in to the murky world of Battlefield Hardline: Live where drugs, deceit and destruction are all in a day’s work. Could they rescue the VIP, explore the vault, avoid guards and plan their escape to pull off the perfect crime?

Battlefield Hardline Live Leader-board

Scores for crews were calculated by dividing TIME taken to complete the job by the total amount of LOOT they extracted, resulting in a final LOOT-PER-MINUTE score. The crew leader with the highest LOOT-PER-MINUTE score would win the £10,000 bounty.

TIME penalties are incurred per crew member for:

Arousing guards suspicion (20 seconds).
Crew member being caught (30 seconds).
Failing to convince a guard with your cover (60 seconds).