Battlefield 4: What Should DICE Balance Next? Battlefield 4 Technical

Battlefield 4: What Should DICE Balance Next?

The team at DICE are asking the BF4 community what they should balance next!? I know a lot of you will be saying fix the game and so forth but if you are interested in what they are going to balance then read on!

We have a wide range of tweaks planned to further balance the core gameplay of Battlefield 4 in upcoming patches. But we need your help in identifying next steps. Let us know what we should focus on next by voting in our balancing poll.

We are considering some minor changes to Fast Attack Craft cannons, reducing the splash damage area against infantry, requiring the player to hit closer to targets to get quick kills. And increasing the speed and the direct damage of the Burst cannon to aid hitting aircraft.

On the behalf of the entire team here at DICE: Thanks for your dedication!

To read more and cast your votes, follow this link: CLOSED