Battlefield 4 Remote-Controlled Mortar

Battlefield 4 Remote-Controlled Mortar

Attention Soldiers! A new and redesigned, remote-controlled Mortar will allow Battlefield 4 Support players to give indirect fire support while staying with the squad.

The M224 Mortar was a traditional remote indirect fired weapon that fired 60mm shells in a high angle arc. Basically, it was quite traditional, so when you wanted to use it, you were stuck there while you got your shot off. As a result, you had to be sat right behind the weapon and when you fired it, you’d not only appear on the map, but you were highly vulnerable to people coming up and flanking you.

On Battlefield 4 the mortar may be the same model, but it’s received a major upgrade in the form of remote controls. This means that a Support class soldier can place the mortar on the map and activate it from afar, which allows you to fire it much more safely.

If you time it right and want to play aggressively, you can also fire off a shot or two and then move forward, and be close to where the mortar shells land in case you need to finish your target off.

I’ve used the mortar on Rush mode recently to control a lot of choke points, as it’s fantastic for taking out sniper nests and clearing out buildings. It will kill someone with full health with only two hits, or it will kill a wounded enemy with only one hit. So the mortar in Battlefield 4 is easier to use, you’re less vulnerable, and if you want to be really aggressive, you can fire off two shots, move forward, and be close to where the shells are going to land, if that’s how you want to play it.