Battlefield 4 Giants of Karelia Footage

Battlefield 4 Giants of Karelia Footage

I have taken around 30 minutes of Battlefield 4 Final Stand Giants of Karelia footage from the CTE for all the people who will not have a chance to play it, now be aware the servers messed up 3 times so this video is in 3 takes.

Giants of Karelia for me is what a map should be all about, the map itself reminds me of Altai Range from BF3 but the action on this is far more intense and flows nicely throughout it, you have a nice mix between close quartered combat or open terrain combat and they have also thrown in a shed load of vehicles for ground, water and air.

Now i have tried to get in as much as possible in a short amount of time and i think i have gone through mostly all parts of the map and vehicles but if you want more then contact me and i will make another.

What bugs and issues did i notice?
Vehicle shaking/bouncing.
Audio missing from time to time (especially the start).
Roads/paths look okay but have huge holes in them.

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