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Battlefield 2042 Technical Information

Our Battlefield 2042 Technical Information section provides all the latest update/patch notes for Battlefield 2042 this also includes hot fix updates and any other technical information that may help you along the way.

Battlefield 2042 Update 0.2.1 – Nov 17

The Battlefield 2042 Update 0.2.1 has now been pumped out ahead of the world wide launch tomorrow, this in our opinion will the first of many updates as the game itself has many issues. We have seen, heard and read about many issues in the game and we are holding back our personal feedback until we have spent more time on Battlefield 2042 and have a true understanding about the changes and additions they have added. To be honest we would have liked to have just a updated Battlefield…

Battlefield 2042 Xbox Pre-load

The Battlefield 2042 Xbox Pre-load is now live for Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One so what are you waiting for Soldiers? Go Go Go! Xbox players: Battlefield 2042 pre-loads are now live: Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One November 7th 2021 – 07.00 UTC OTHER PLATFORMS PC November 10th 2021 – 10.00 UTC PS5 and PS4 November 10th 2021 – 00.00 Local Time…

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