Battlefield 2042 Update 2.1.1 Notes

Battlefield 2042 Update 2.1.1

Battlefield 2042 Update 2.1.1 will go live tomorrow: October 11 @ 08:00 UTC. The main focus of this Quality of Life Update is to improve gunplay.

Included in this update are several weapon balance changes and bug fixes to ensure a consistent gameplay experience between our weapon offerings:

The M16A3 and M60E4 now have correct recoil reduction on Consoles to ensure their performance is consistent across all platforms.
The M16A3 and M60E4 have received balance changes to improve their performance.
The Avancys, K30 and MP9 have received balance changes to reduce their performance.
We have resolved an issue that was preventing some players from being able to Aim Down Sights (ADS) after exiting a vehicle.
A hit registration issue has been resolved which could occur when using a controller and firing weapons over a sustained period.

Setting Mouse Raw Input to Off in Settings will no longer disable mouse movement in-game.

Renewal – It was sometimes possible to deploy under the map in the first sector of the US HQ. This no longer happens.
Renewal – Fixed several areas on Conquest 64 that would incorrectly flag you as Out of Bounds.

Firing continuously with weapons while using a controller would sometimes desync recoil between the client and the server. As a result, shots missed their target when they should have hit. This has been resolved.
The AC-42 sights are once again useable after equipping the UH-1 Smart 1.5x Scope in the default slot.
Fixed an issue where the mesh of the UH-1 Smart 1.5x Scope was missing from the AC-42.
Vault Weapons now properly apply recoil reduction when playing on Console.
The range of weapon draw speed for Vault Weapons now matches those of All-Out Warfare weaponry.
Fixed an issue where users cannot ADS after exiting a moving vehicle if the equipped weapon has an underbarrel attachment equipped.
This bug reappeared after we previously rolled out a fix. Please let us know if you continue to experience it after this update.
The M16A3 now has the correct Head shot Multiplier for Assault Rifles (2.15x).

The Avancys was highly accurate, and coupled with its large magazine size meant it was too powerful during sustained fire. We have reduced its accuracy to compensate.

Base Recoil increased 0.32 -> 0.36.
Dispersion Per Shot increased 0.03 -> 0.06.

The K30 is intended to be a close range SMG, and was too accurate at medium distance. Its accuracy at range has therefore been decreased.

Min Dispersion Angle increased 0.15 -> 0.18.
Dispersion Per Shot increased 0.09 -> 0.15.
Dispersion Decrease Rate reduced 20 -> 4.

The MP9 is also intended to be a close range SMG, and similar to the K30 received an accuracy penalty to reduce its effectiveness at medium distances.

Dispersion Per Shot increased 0.06 -> 0.11.
Min Dispersion Angle increased 0.14 -> 0.17.

The M16A3 did not match the performance of other Assault Rifles. To compensate we have reduced its recoil and improved its accuracy during sustained fire.

Base Recoil reduced 0.44 -> 0.36.
First Shot Recoil Multiplier reduced 1.45 -> 1.15.
Dispersion Per Shot on ADS reduced 0.13 -> 0.1.

The M60E4 did not match the performance of other LMGs. To compensate we have reduced its recoil and improved its accuracy during sustained fire.

Base Recoil reduced 0.6 -> 0.54.
Dispersion per Shot on ADS reduced 0.22 -> 0.17.
Reduced Stepped Recoil Multiplier from 6 bullets to 4.
Damage Increased on all ranges.

What can you expect from the next Battlefield 2042 game update?
The second major game update for Season 2 includes the Orbital map rework, alongside new Vault Weapons. We’ll follow-up with full details closer to its release.