Battlefield 1 Service Update June

Battlefield 1 Service Update June

The following Battlefield 1 service update notes cover such things like: Medals, Community Mission UI, Battlepacks 2.0 and changes to the End of Round screen.

What was changed? Well let’s take a look:

End of Round screen
Moved Battlepacks reward to the Personal tab.
Added new Battlepack progression handout.
Changed the layout of Class Ranks on the Personal tab.
Updated animations on the Personal tab.
Moved stats from the Squad tab and the Personal tab to the new Stats tab.
Removed the Highlights tab, instead showing the new Personal tab first.
Removed the Squad tab.

Battlepacks 2.0
With this update, we’ve tweaked the way you earn Battlepacks. We have made it more predictable and fair in how you are rewarded a Battlepack.
Each player will have a progress bar towards their next earned Battlepack.
Your progression to your next Battlepack is based on time played, match quality and performance.
Once the bar fills, you’ll be awarded a Battlepack and the progress bar will reset.
This will replace the previous Battlepack drop system.

Added a message on the home screen when new medals are available.
Added sequential numbers for criterion.
Various minor bug fixes.
Community Mission UI
The community missions will be shown and tracked in the UI. This will activate with upcoming Community Missions. Current missions will not be tracked.

Various UI Bug fixes.