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Battlefield V Announcements

Do you want to catch up on some official and unofficial Battlefield V announcements and news?

If you do then this is the right place to be, our Battlefield V announcements section is packed full of all the latest game news and gossip.

Battlefield V Grand Operations Information

Battlefield V Grand Operations is a upgraded version of Battlefield 1’s Operations mode and oh boy it has changed a lot and for the better! Being a fan of Battlefield 1 Operations already it is quite interesting to hear that how you and your team plays effects each day of war in Battlefield V Grand Operations mode. Below you will find some official Battlefield V…

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Battlefield V Multiplayer Modes List

We all have our own tastes when it comes to Battlefield multiplayer game modes, some like rush, some like conquest and so on and in Battlefield V there are a few more modes for you to choose from. This topic is all about the new Battlefield V multiplayer modes with a short description of each one. Airborne Battlefield V is all about World War 2…

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What Do We Know About Battlefield V

Before we start i will say there is a lot of mixed feelings within the community about Battlefield V, some say it looks great and others are saying it is trash, now we are not going to comment on this as it is only early days and will wait for multiplayer to make our full judgement but the Battlefield V reveal show was pretty cheesy…

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