Battlefield 4 Zodiac Mission

Battlefield 4 Virgo Community Mission

It is once again time to do your part soldiers! In this all new Battlefield 4 Virgo Community Mission your job is to Jump into any Battlefield 4 multiplayer server and score 20 Kills with any Personal Defense Weapon. It doesn’t matter if you’re.

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Battlefield 4 Zodiac Mission – Cancer

Another Battlefield 4 Zodiac mission has hit battlelog, This Zodiac Cancer mission involves you having to score 5 kills from boats on any game mode or map in Battlefield 4. This Battlefield 4 Zodiac Mission is active between July 1, 9AM PT and July.

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Battlefield 4 Taurus Zodiac Mission

Fighting our way through the 12 star signs, it’s time for another thrilling Battlefield 4 Zodiac Community Mission. Taurus is up, and we’ve prepared a challenge worthy of this destructive beast. Your mission? We want you to individually destroy 5 vehicles on any game.

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