Battlefield 4 Weapons

Battlefield 4 Spring Patch Brings Weapons And Modes

What will this Battlefield 4 Spring Patch bring to the game? Here is just a taster.. Gun Master game mode, Five new weapons, PC Stability & Netcode Updates, Full weapons balance pass. Want more? Read on! DICE continues to constantly improve Battlefield 4 to.

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Battlefield 4 Alan Kertz Talks Weapons

Battlefield 4 Lead Core Game Designer Alan Kertz discusses weapon Customisation. Weapon Customisation has been altered for Battlefield 4, with players now able to access weapon accessories such as canted sights and a variety of grips. A variety of paint jobs can be applied.

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Battlefield 4 Weapon Customization

Battlefield 4 Weapon Customization: Whether you help your team by sniping from afar or run and gun with an assault rifle at the front lines, choice is king and yours to make. Battlefield 4 Weapon customization will be deeper than ever, thanks to a.

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