Battlefield 4 Obliteration

Battlefield 4 Obliteration Mode – Beta

The all new Battlefield 4 Obliteration Mode will be rolling out today at some point in the beta. The new Obliteration mode is rolling out in the BF4 Beta for (PC/PS3/X360). Server availability will increase gradually. Obliteration features two teams fighting over control of.

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Battlefield 4 Obliteration Gameplay

While Gamescom was running Battlefield fans got to see some Alpha footage of the all new Battlefield 4 Obliteration Gameplay. In this posted video you get a whole 15 minutes to watch some great Obliteration gameplay. You can check out more Battlefield videos in.

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Lars Gustavsson Talks Battlefield 4 Obliteration

Creative Director and DICE veteran Lars Gustavsson goes over some new aspects of the all new Battlefield 4 mode “Obliteration”. Other items such as commander assets and more in this latest recording of today’s Live Battlefield 4 Gamescom stream. You can check out more.

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