Battlefield 4 Interview

Battlefield 4 Patrick Bach Talks Gameplay

Join James Hill and Yasmin Evans as they get the inside track on the debut Battlefield 4 “Fishing in Baku” 17 minute trailer from the game’s Executive Producer at DICE, Patrick Bach. Patrick talks about the characters Irish, Recker and Dunn and how they.

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Battlefield 4 Patrick Soderlund Interview

The guys over at GamerHub managed to have a quick Battlefield 4 Interview With with Dice’s Senior Vice President Patrick Soderlund. Patrick Soderlund discusses the developer’s goals heading into Battlefield 4 in this exclusive interview. You can check out more Battlefield videos in our.

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Battlefield 4 Karl Magnus Troedsson Interview

Battlefield 4 Interview with DICE – The guys over at Luetin Objective Gaming managed to get a quick interview with DICE’s General Manager Karl Magnus Troedsson about the upcoming online multiplayer shooter Battlefield 4. This was an on the spot interview and the best.

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