Battlefield 4 Consoles

Battlefield 4 Easy to Upgrade to Next-Gen

CONFIRMED: Play Battlefield 4 on current-gen consoles and bring your gameplay stats when you upgrade to next-gen consoles. This holiday, DICE will unwrap the next generation of all-out warfare with Battlefield 4 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. That means best-in-class multiplayer is coming.

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Battlefield 4 Survey, Release Date And Consoles

PouncingPuma walks us through some of the latest Battlefield 4 news and talks about the latest official Battlefield 4 Survey, Release Date And Next Gen Consoles and the upcoming BF3 double XP event! Please be aware our commentator PouncingPuma acted like a true soldier,.

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Wii U Not Getting Battlefield 4

According to an interview with Lars Gustavsson the upcoming 2014 shooter Battlefield 4 will not be coming to the Wii. This news brings a lot of anticipation from the Wii U community about the upcoming Battlefield 4 shooter from EA and DICE. But come.

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