Alan Kertz

Battlefield 4 Showdown Live – Europe Vs USA

Europe, the Battlefield 4 Showdown Live is nearly here! Tune in on Xbox Live at 7PM CET/6PM GET to see which side (and commander) will emerge with the bragging rights; AceyBongos and his European team or Major Nelson with his American squad. It is.

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Battlefield 4 Alan Kertz Talks Weapons

Battlefield 4 Lead Core Game Designer Alan Kertz discusses weapon Customisation. Weapon Customisation has been altered for Battlefield 4, with players now able to access weapon accessories such as canted sights and a variety of grips. A variety of paint jobs can be applied.

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Battlefield 3 Battleblog #2: With A Bit Of Class

Battlefield 3 Battleblog #2 With A Bit Of Class: Welcome to the second instalment of the Battleblog, a blog series taking you all the way to the launch of Battlefield 3 on October 28th. In this blog series, you’ll learn more about every aspect.

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