Battlefield 1 Community Test Environment

Battlefield 1 Community Test Environment

I am here now to tell you that the Battlefield 1 Community Test Environment will soon be arriving and you will get your chance to tell the Dice devs what you think may need fixing or changing.

We are now glad to announce that the CTE is making its way to Battlefield 1 for PC players initially. Below you will find info on how to join the CTE to get your hands on early Battlefield 1 content.

What is the Battlefield 1 Community Test Environment?
The CTE is a Battlefield 1 environment where involved players can help us test new features, improved/changed content, and experiments that aren’t yet (and may never be) ready for public release.

What is the purpose of the CTE?
The CTE lets us share our development process with our players, get your valuable feedback earlier, and keep improving the Battlefield 1 experience. The earlier we can get player feedback and full 64 player servers testing our latest features – the better off we’re going to be.

What Battlefield 1 content will be in the CTE?
Initially, the CTE will be used for testing and ensuring stability of the next Battlefield 1 update. More Battlefield 1 content will be added to the CTE later.

Where and when can I sign up for the CTE?
Initially, we will be handing out codes to select members in the community and give Battlefield veterans access. These codes will be redeemable through Origin and will give players CTE access on PC. Once it is available to the general public, you can register for the CTE via the Battlefield Companion app*.