Battlefield 1 Battlepack Fix Coming Battlefield 1 Technical

Battlefield 1 Battlepack Fix Coming

There has been a issue with Battlefield 1 Battlepacks, not only that the same issue has affected Scraps, and Squad Boosts.

I have been apart of many many threads in the community and people are not happy, not being able to use your hard earned battlepacks is quite annoying especially if you have paid out good cash for them but not to fear there is a fix coming very soon!

You will find a new progress bar at the End Of Round screen, showing your progress towards your next Standard Battlepack reward. Playing and finishing Battlefield 1 multiplayer matches will fill up the meter. Play well, and you’ll reach your next Battlepack even faster.

This update will roll out to players starting June 29. You may need to restart Battlefield 1 for the change to take effect.