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Battlefield 3 Beta Hacked – DICE Threatens Ban

It seems someone’s managed to hack the Battlefield 3 beta currently underway, unlocking alternative game modes, namely support for up to 128 simultaneous guys running through the streets of a certain famous French municipality, guns-a-blazin’. The bad news, is that if you partake of this ill-gotten feature, you may see your EA Origins account suspended, locking you out of not just the Battlefield 3 beta,…

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Battlefield 3 What is a Beta? Featured

So there seems to be some confusion around what the Battlefield 3 beta is. That is why I am posting this in order to clear it up. DICE: What is a BETA? Give it a good read as when a new game is created or updated,there are stages in development before the product can be sold in the commercial marketplace. You might remember our Alpha…

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