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Battlefield Hardline Top 5 Patch Fixes

Lead Designer on Battlefield Hardline Thaddeus Sasser aka dirtydeathdog has released some interesting info related to the upcoming Battlefield Hardline patch. The patch/update has some great changes such as Rent A Server program functionality for all console platforms.

Battlefield Hardline Top 5 Patch Fixes
Punkbuster fixes – We’re addressing some of the heavy CPU usage seen by players.
Nvidia DirectX driver fixes – We’re working with our partners at Nvidia to create new drivers to prevent the most common crash issues.
Extended Conquest time – We’ve extended the length of Conquest matches by increasing the number of tickets on both Large and Small.
Fixed TDM spawns – We’ve adjusted spawn points and the spawn system for better TDM spawning.
Multiple weapon balance tweaks – We’ve addressed some common complaints with the weapon balance, there will be more coming soon.

So there you go! We are sure there will be a lot more updates to come so stay tuned.

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