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Battlefield Hardline Game Update Nov 3 – All Platforms

A new Battlefield Hardline game update has hit the streets for PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS3, and Xbox 360 and contains Two New Maps, New Gadget, New Weapons for All Classes/Factions, Spectator Mode Improvements and other features so keep reading!

The following features are included in the Battlefield Hardline: Blackout DLC Base Game Update release for PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS3, and Xbox 360 unless otherwise noted as a specific platform-only change.

Note: Both the Battlefield Hardline: Blackout DLC and Base Game Update content are provided in a single file download on your platform. They are not separate downloads.

Two New Maps:
Night Job.
Night Woods.

New Gadget:
Night Vision Goggles.

New Weapons for All Classes/Factions:

New Assignments and Patches:
RO933 Assignment and patch.
M110K5 Assignment and patch.
Rekt patch*.
Salty patch*.
*(Patch is given to all BFH players. It will be listed in Battlelog and in-game as available to Premium members and “unlocked in Premium Battlepacks”. This is an error, and the description will be fixed with the release of the Getaway expansion pack.)

Spectator Mode Improvements:
Team Names and Emblems appear as banner for each team.
Objective icons now appear in Spectator Squad List.
Color Picker option allows Spectator to specify each team’s color.
Full map view option available to Spectator.
(PC) Mouse control added to some Spectator screens.
(PS4, X1, PS3, X360) Controller button overload fixed.

Other New Features:
New music tracks added to MP radio playlist.
New camos added to Premium Calendar and Battlepacks.
Squad Join is now functional when joining games via Server Browser.
Improvements to the in-game store to feature new/unpurchased content
Chomp, chomp…

Fixed issue of Squad Heist score not appearing on Battlelog.
Fixed issue whereby a player’s loadout would sometimes reset between matches.
(X1) General stability improvements to online play.

Fixed issue whereby SPM and Mode time For Bounty Hunter and Squad Heist reset after becoming Legendary.
Fixed issue whereby Battlepack fanfare appeared incorrectly after becoming Legendary.
Objective Boost now properly applies to Bounty Hunter and Squad Heist objectives.

Fixed issue whereby players were able to climb on top of skybox above mall in Black Friday.
Fixed issue whereby players were able to climb out of playable boundaries using grappling hook in Museum.

Fixed issue whereby weapon license for F2000 could be purchased before meeting requirements.
Fixed issue with inconsistent range on the M82 .416 scope.
Fixed issue whereby a player could fire with the SAIGA 12 while reloading.
FLIR effect is no longer blocked by smoke while standing inside smoke.
FN7 camos are now correctly locked.
Default handgun, revolver and automatic pistol now properly track towards their respective kill assignments.
RO933 bullet changed to 24 start damage and 16 end damage.
Scout elite slowed bolt cycle rate.
HK51k Increased ROF on burst fire.
.40 cal pistol bullet for P226 and .40 Pro start damage at 34 end damage at 25.
.45T and 1911 increased end damage to 28.
Changed the DMR fly by sound.
Increased accuracy of L85A2 while moving.
Changed HCAR bullet to long range battle rifle.
All BR’s have 700M shot speed, All 7.62X39 AR’s have 450, and all 5.56X45 and 5.54X39 have 500. This will give a more consistent bullet drop for AR’s and BR’s per caliber.

Fixed issue whereby players could take fire damage inside a vehicle with the FR Mask equipped.

Super Features
Players will now be able to become Legendary if they are Premium subscribers OR have purchased the Battlefield™ Hardline: Robbery expansion pack.
Updated text on Become Legendary screen to match.

User Interface
Fix for missing environment from the map/mini map/deploy screen on Grow house.

Various stability fixes made for game crashes as identified by Bug Sentry.
(PS3, X360) Fixed a crash when changing settings in the Customization menu.

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