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Perfecting Battlefield Hardline – Feedback

The extra time given to Visceral Games by EA to perfect Battlefield Hardline is really paying off.

And there using every additional day to make the game better – based on improvements suggested by community feedback.

Steve Papoutsis – VP and GM, Visceral Games
The Battlefield Hardline open beta is drawing near, and we’re pumped to let you throw yourselves into the thrills of cops and criminals multiplayer once again. We learned a ton from you in the first beta, enough to help us make the tough call to push the game back so we could add more and make the game better. And now as we’re getting closer to launch, we want more.

Listening and responding to the feedback – whether it’s from the beta, events, various feedback sessions with the world’s most influential and hardcore Battlefield players – have helped us fine tune the game in many ways. We’ve made bigger changes like re-shaping Heist mode, tweaking progression and the UI to name a few. But we’ve also focused on the “small” things. As you’ll see in the dev diary video above, gameplay aspects like visual recoil have been perfected thanks to your input.

We are gamers – we know that even these “small things” matter. Other examples include increasing the length of rounds in Blood Money, and Heist now having a helicopter extraction part, making the game mode even more dynamic. We’ve listened to your input on the killcam, the deploy procedure, weapon balancing, and how to access the customization screen. Several sound additions have been made, such as a wider variety of voice over lines and better impact sounds. These details are all part of the complete Hardline experience – and we want to nail them all.

During the upcoming beta, we expect to get even more useful intel for the final touches before launch (starting March 20). You can still make a difference, especially when it comes to those “small things” that we might be able to fine tune for launch or shortly after.

We’ll share the exact dates and info on the Battlefield Hardline open beta tomorrow. Stay tuned, thanks again – and keep that feedback coming.