Battlefield Hardline Announcements

In addition to traditional Battlefield mainstays like the capture point Conquest mode and
Team Deathmatch, Battlefield Hardline features a variety of new multiplayer modes that
are all about speed and competitive, strategic play. In Hotwire, you need to boost cars
and outrun the enemy.

Battlefield Hardline Pre-order Now On ORIGIN

Will you be buying the next edition to the Battlefield series? If so, the Battlefield Hardline Pre-order is now available on Origin so get moving. This next epic shooter is all about the war on crime and brought to you by Visceral games. Lead.

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Battlefield Hardline By Visceral Games

Are you ready for the next Battlefield? Battlefield Hardline By Visceral Games has now been officially confirmed by EA and will launch this fall. Here is some information on Battlefield Hardline by Steve Papoutsis. On behalf of everyone at EA and Visceral Games, I’m.

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