Battlefield 4 CTE Server Stability - Testing Schedule Battlefield 4 Technical

Battlefield 4 CTE Server Stability

To try and finalize the Battlefield 4 CTE spring patch EA/DICE will be removing bits and pieces from the game in order to get there server stability as smooth as possible.

You can find the full Battlefield 4 CTE Testing schedule below.

Hi there!

This week (Tuesday-Thursday) we will be doing very important final testing on the server performance for the Spring patch. This is the very last step before we’re done with the Spring patch and it goes live!

We know we are “taking away your toys” as the Night maps, Community map and the new netcode will not be available during tuesday-thursday (tickrate baby!), but I urge you all to play as much as you can so we get more server stability data – the more we get the more we can fix and improve it (that in turn helps out in everything from the new netcode to retail stability).

This is what the schedule looks like:
Battlefield 4 CTE Server Stability

Once again – please consider playing as much as you can during this time, the only way we know our improvements and fixes on the server side is really good is getting a full 4×64 slot setup playing for a couple of rounds!

More information will be published on the CTE news blog as updates come in and in this thread! Make sure you save the date/time to play on Thursday!