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Battlefield Hardline Betrayal Now Free

From July 5 to July 12, you can get Battlefield Hardline Betrayal for free from Xbox Live, PlayStation Network and Origin. Watch your back, because these maps are filled with shadowy corners for your enemies to hide in! Four Devious Maps Downed airplanes full of ill-gotten gains. Ramshackle prison cells on Alcatraz Island. Dark cemeteries speckled with crumbling tombstones. Grimy alleys and bright…

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Battlefield Hardline Building Alcatraz

Battlefield Hardline Building Alcatraz ”Concept to Completion”, this map holds lot’s of extras such as cell doors slamming shut, locking friends or foes inside cells, a few Easter eggs and if you look close the prisoner portraits in the cell block are actual dev team members. Battlefield Hardline Betrayal releases on March 1 for Premium members, and one of the new multiplayer maps…

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Battlefield Hardline Betrayal Expansion – Map List

The Battlefield Hardline Betrayal Expansion will be available to Premium members this coming March and will contain four new maps such as, Alcatraz, Cemetery, Chinatown and Thin Ice. Follow the Battlefield Hardline Betrayal Map List Information thread to view images and a video of the upcoming maps! Battlefield Hardline: Betrayal Here’s a peek at each of the maps coming with Battlefield™ Hardline: Betrayal’s*,…

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Battlefield Hardline Chinatown – Behind the Scenes

The gritty streets of New York’s Chinatown are the site of a massive crime ring, and when the cops break it up it’s every criminal for himself. The narrow alleys offer precious few places to take cover, but enterprising thieves might find other ways around. Among the garish lights and grand, bizarre pagodas, gather up whatever cash and valuables you can find and…

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Battlefield Hardline Betrayal Expansion Coming March

Not sure if you feel the same but Visceral are rushing out the Battlefield Hardline Expansions a bit to quick!? Wonder why? Battlefield 5 *cough*. The Battlefield Hardline Betrayal Expansion is coming this March 2016, and brings new maps, weapons, vehicles, and more.. Description So, it’s all come down to this. You’ve assembled a crew, pulled off the perfect heist, and made a…

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