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Official Battlefield 2142 Legacy Event

Official Battlefield 2142 Legacy Event. Play classic Battlefield games with friends, revisit your favorite Battlefield memories, and rekindle rivalries! This weekend we’re going back to the future in the Battlefield 2142 Legacy Event. 1) Re-download, re-install, or buy your copy on Origin now: OFFER FINISHED 2) Let your friends know that you’re playing – invite…

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Battlefield 2142 Overview

Play Battlefield 2142 on your PC or Mac. Massive battle walkers wage fierce combat on the ground, while futuristic aircraft rule the skies in Battlefield 2142. Studio: DICE Genre: Shooter Platforms: PC, Mac Release Date: 2006-10-16 64-Players Online Experience all-out war with Battlefield’s legendary multiplayer for up to 64 players. A Internet connection is required…

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