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New Battlefield 1 Operations Campaigns

Only a few weeks ago i posted about you trying out the Battlefield 1 Operations mode and have you? If you did and enjoyed it you will be glad to hear there are even more Battlefield 1 Operations campaigns coming very soon, not only that you will obtain a new dog tag on each campaign completed to give you that extra incentive.

Operation Campaigns Coming in November
In early November, we’ll be adding an even more epic variant of the fan-favorite game mode Operations. Dubbed Operation Campaigns, the new experience will expand on the frontline clashes between attackers and defenders, stringing together multiple Operations and adding unique rewards to the mix.

The first Operation Campaign is called Eastern Storm. This experience combines the two Operations from Battlefield 1 In the Name of the Tsar: Brusilov Offensive and Red Tide. Eastern Storm will be available for owners of Battlefield 1 Premium Pass (or the standalone Battlefield 1 In the Name of the Tsar expansion.)

Later in November, we’ll add Fall of Empires, a combination of the base game’s Iron Walls and Conquer Hell. Beyond these two, there are more Campaigns to come.

Complete the active Operation Campaign by scoring enough points before it expires. You will earn a special Battlepack for each completed Campaign. An Operation Campaigns Codex will also be yours after your first successful Campaign. Complete the active Campaign as many times as you can before the time runs out!

For the sharp-shooters out there, you may have noticed that we bumped the release of Operation Campaigns from October to November. We wanted to give it a little bit more time to make sure that it’s a great experience. We appreciate your patience.

Various Fixes in the October Update
Continuing our monthly Battlefield 1 updates, we will very soon release the October Update. Expect various improvements to gameplay, new Dog Tags, and new gameplay settings.

Prepare for Battlefield 1 Turning Tides
In December, you will be able to conquer the sea, air, and land in Battlefield 1 Turning Tides, the third Battlefield 1 expansion. With a focus on naval warfare, you’ll engage in the daredevil Zeebrugge Raid and the Gallipoli Offensive, with the British Royal Marines as a new playable faction. Prepare for new maps, weapons, vehicles and other content as you take on the amphibious expeditions of World War 1.

Battlefield Anniversary Events
Though our eyes are on the road ahead, it will soon be time to look back at the origin of Battlefield. Not only is Battlefield 1 approaching its one-year anniversary – the entire Battlefield franchise turns 15 this year. We want to celebrate together with the community.

Log in to Battlefield 1 between October 12 and October 16 for unique Battlefield 1 Year Anniversary events, missions, and giveaways. Make sure to unlock the Anniversary Dog Tags and wear them with pride.

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