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Battlefield 4 E3 Karl Magnus Interview – DICE

If you missed the Live Battlefield 4 E3 interview with DICE’s VP & GM Karl Magnus then we have just what you need!

The recorded stream features info about commander mode, spectator mode, e-sport support, levolution, amphibious assault and more!

Below i have jotted down some of the main factors that get talked about which i know the community are really interested in but to learn more you will need to watch the video. Enjoy!

Commander Mode: The commander is not a physical person like in battlefield 2 and cannot be found/killed. The commander will also not take a slot on the server giving the teams a full 32v32 battle!

You can also play as commander whilst sitting on a bus using your tablet.

Levolution: This is not just a concept it surrounds the whole dynamic Battlefield giving us use of extra items such as road bollards, elevators, fire extinguishers (Smoke screen), tumbling buildings and more.

Audio: has been improved which is an ongoing focus to attention and communication. And the sound will also take another leap forward.

The Amphibious Assault: Jet skis, Patrol boats with mounted weapons and ejection vehicles, new sprint swim (faster swimming) Swim/dive under water and can also use melee weapons in water.

Infantry Experience: New suppression system,using a scope will cause head movement,

Knifing system: Counter measures, If you see the enemy coming at you, you can counter attack, knifing from behind is still the same for now.

Spectator mode: The new spectator mode will have views such as – the table top, the first person view, the third person view and best of all free cam!

This is still in early stages and will be improved by release date.

E-Sport Support: 5 man squads brought back for 5v5, spectator mode.

Stay tuned for the next part of our Battlefield 4 E3 catch up!

You can check out more Battlefield videos in our Video Gallery or our YouTube channel, thanks for watching.

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