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Battlefield 1 Battlepacks

With the new Battlefield 1 Battlepacks you can either use the item or scrap it, this new feature gives you an in-game currency that can then be spent on Enhanced and Superior Battlepacks.

Battlefield 1 Battlepacks will contain weapon skins and sometimes a piece of a craftable unique melee weapon, so you probably guessed it, yes you have to build some of your own melee weapons.


The difference
We redesigned Battlepacks from the ground up with a focus on customization. You’ll get Battlepacks for playing multiplayer matches. When you crack one open, you’ll find an awesome Weapon Skin. Some packs may also include a piece of a craftable unique melee weapon.

What’s Inside?
Customize your gear with Weapon Skins, which come in three rarities: Special, Distinguished, and Legendary.

Special melee weapons built from puzzle pieces inside. Collect ’em all and have a new weapon at your disposal.

Besides including a Weapon Skin and melee weapon piece, there’s another suprise that could be inside.

Getting scrappy
When you receive a Weapon Skin or an item you don’t want or need you can salvage it for Scraps, an in-game currency that can then be spent on new Battlepacks. Spending Scraps is the only way of getting hold of Enhanced and Superior Battlepacks.

Revision history
Battlepack content will shift regularly, with new Revisions changing up which Weapon Skins and items are currently available. Before you open up a Battlepack you will see a list of what skins the current Revision contains, letting you know if the skins you want is currently available in the pool of possible items.

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