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Battlefield 1 Aries Zodiac Mission

As part of the latest Battlefest event the Battlefield 1 Aries Zodiac Mission will begin today April 4th and will end on April 9th. Once you have completed the Zodiac mission you will awarded the Battlefield 1 Aries Dog Tag.

If you do not complete this Aries mission then you will never get another chance to obtain the dog tag.

From April 4 to April 9
Get 25 kills with explosives
Reward: Aries Dog Tag

Allowed explosives: Frag Grenade, Dynamite, Anti-tank Grenade, Anti-Tank Mine, Mini-grenade, Light Anti-Tank Grenade, Tripwire Bomb – HE, Limpet Charge, Crossbow Launcher – HE, Rifle Grenade – HE, Mortar – HE, Impact Grenade.

You can view a full list of Battlefield 1 Dog Tags here in our image gallery.

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