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Battlefield 2042 Dark Protocol –

Battlefield 2042 Update 6.1.0 deploys across all platforms next week to further enhance your experience. Dark Protocol is the latest Limited Time Event and takes place between October 31 – November 14*. In Battlefield 2042 Dark Protocol get ready for tight, claustrophobic close-quarters combat, with a twist, where new and unexpected threats.

Battlefield 2042 Videos

Battlefield 2042 Dark Creations

Grab your squad and embrace your fears in the claustrophobic close-quarters battles of Season 6: Battlefield 2042 Dark Creations. Master any obstacle with new gear including the VHX-D3 AR and throwable Ammo and Medical Pouches as you seek out the enemy lurking in the darkness of a secret Scottish facility. Season 6.

Battlefield 2042 Technical

Battlefield 2042 Update 5.3.0

Battlefield 2042 Update 5.3.0: Brand new Codex System, Vehicle Count Overhauls, Vehicle Balancing Improvements and more. Update 5.3.0 is on its way to launch next week alongside Battlefield 2042: Redux! Redux starts on August 29th and brings back new ways to play across your favorite modes and maps, as well as making.

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Battlefield 2042 Redux: Season 6

This Battlefield 2042 Redux Development Update includes your first look at what’s coming in Season 6 of Battlefield 2042, but first, get ready to gear up and punch in because Battlefield 2042 Redux is on the way. This in-game event gives you the chance to relive some of the best moments from.