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Below you can find all our Battlefield Informer social networks and groups, this enables you to contact us on other pages such as, Twitter, Tumblr, Steam, Pinterest, YouTube and more.

If you are a member of any of the group or social pages we have listed below come hit us up and like/subscribe/follow or maybe just come say hello, we share all our latest news and video links on these networks.


We provide all the latest online game news, media and updates for the Battlefield Game Franchise. We cannot change the name of this group, Steam will not allow it! But we will be posting all Battlefield related news here so please do not complain!

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Battlefield Informer Tumblr is a dedicated Battlefield news source that provides all the latest Battlefield related news, updates, media and events.

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Thanks for following the Battlefield Informer Pinterest page, we will be posting all kinds of Battlefield related goodness for you here with things like epic art work, explosive videos and all the latest hot news and gossip!

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The Battlefield Informer Twitter Feed. Battlefield game News and Media source! @BF_INFORMER

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We (Battlefield Informer) only use YouTube to host our videos, we showcase them in our video section on our website. Visit: Battlefield Videos

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Battlelog Platoons (Old)

Battlefield 4 Battlelog Platoon #1[BFI] Battlefield 4 Platoon #1
98 members 95 fans

Battlefield 4 Battlelog Platoon #2[BFI] Battlefield 4 Platoon #2
42 members 18 fans

[BFI] Battlefield Informer 1
99 members 231 fans

[BFI] Battlefield Informer 2
96 members 110 fans