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A Worthwhile Battlefield 3 Interview

SVT Play interviewed Karl Magnus Troedsson, DICE’s general manager on Battlefield 3. The interview is one of the few interviews that actually has some interesting content, they interviewed people who played the Dreamhack demo.

Through the interviews and hints, we’ve learned a couple things about Battlefield 3. Vaulting, as we’ve seen in a few trailers, was inspired by Mirror’s Edge. The game also inspired the ability to see your feet and arms in BF3. E-sports have also been mentioned, Troedsson stated that the dev team has really talked to hardcore community members to get feedback on how to make Battlefield 3 more competition friendly.

One fan interviewed stated that the competition (MW3) will really need to step up their game if they want to compete with BF3.

Something that will make veterans of the series happy is that big maps are finally making a return to the series. How big? El Alamein big! For those of you who don’t know, El Alamein could fit your average Bad Company 2 map four times over with room to spare! On top of that, these Battlefield 3 vehicles will be packed with vehicles!

Speaking of vehicles, not only will you be able to customize your weapons with up to three attachments, you’ll also be able to customize vehicles in Battlefield 3. What kind of customizations? While no exact details were revealed, you will be able to switch out optics and add secondary guns among other upgrades.

Killstreaks, the CoD favorite won’t be making it into BF3 though. Why? Well, in Battlefield 3, you don’t need to call in an airstrike or helicopter, because you are those weapons of ownage.Mods for Battlefield 3 once again got a little bit of hope when Troedsson stated that they had not forgotten the mod community. He mentioned that there are positives to modding, but the negatives to modding for Battlefield 3 involve technology challenges. We’ll have to wait a while longer until we get some more mod news concerning Battlefield 3.

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