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Will Battlefield 4 Be Like Battlefield 2?

With an abundance of fake or rumored Battlefield 4 news flowing around the community it makes you think will Battlefield 4 be anything like Battlefield 2? We take a look at the rumors and how it would affect the upcoming multi platform shooter Battlefield 4.

Battlefield 4 has brought more BF2 rumors then ever before, with fake articles and images popping up like wild fire this to also makes me think why now?

In the months before Battlefield 3 was released Battlefield 2 did not get mentioned at all and seemed like half the community had only joined around the release of Battlefield Bad Company 2 with little knowledge of the greatness that was being left out of the game..

We have rumors such as Battlefield 2 maps coming back, commander mode rumors, two seater jet rumors and so forth so let’s take a look at a few of them!

1. Battlefield 2 maps coming back:
The rumor for this one is that because EA/DICE have put CHINA back in Battlefield 4 the maps must be from Battlefield 2… Well this is another unconfirmed pile of garbage.

Sites out there claim the Battlefield 2 map Road To Jalalabad will make a return again in Battlefield 4, but BF2 veterans out there ask yourself this. Was this really that great a map that they would remake it?

I understand with the “Back To Karkand” expansion pack as some of them where classics but i really do not think they would waste there time on this one..

What also makes me think this will not happen is the instant new push on the Battlefield Expansion pack Drone Strike which is set to be released with Battlefield 4. The maps i think should be remade are Dragon Valley, Fushee Pass and other big long maps such as this caliber.

What would this bring to Battlefield 4?

Nothing really just the chance to revisit some of the all time classic Battlefield maps remade in the current Frostbite Engine and i know all BF2 veterans would enjoy that!

2. Commander Mode To Return From Battlefield 2

Now this rumor if it was true would be a great addition to Battlefield 4, but yet again it came from a couple of bad sources.. This mode was great in Battlefield 2. We have talked about this classic mode through the week and all that we have managed to find is fictional articles and images.

What would this mode bring to Battlefield 4 and why all the big fuss about it?

Well i will tell you, this mode if given to the right person can be your main team structure, this player can coordinate your team to victory and not only that it gives the player another role to master in battle.

You can find more about Commander Mode here.

3. Dual Seat Jets To Make A Return
This is one of the latest rumors, this comes in the form of air vehicles… Battlefield 4 is now rumored to have the awesome “Dual Seat Jets” return this fall from the classic Battlefield 2.

Now i can tell you this is 99.9% rubbish and the topic which i talk about has created some wonderful story from a standard reply from the official Battlefield Twitter page. A battlefield fan must have mentioned about he wanted dual seat jets and Battlefield replied:

We will take note of the suggestion.
Now take it from me that is a standard issue reply i have had it a million times and there way of not ignoring you, any of your suggestions you post on Facebook or Twitter are ignored. I have asked them many things about Battlefield and Battlelog and received the standard reply every time.

We will take note of the suggestion.
Just wanted to make sure you know we do not think this is real!

But anyway.. If you did not know already Battlefield 2 did not just come with single seat fighter jets it also had dual seat jets, having a good co-pilot was essential for handling the lazer guided missile.

China had the SU-30:

Having dual seat jets was great for team work and brought that little bit more fun to flying, instead of flying around in a jet alone you could have a buddy with you flying your way to Maverick style victory and IMO this would be another great addition to come back for Battlefield 4 but like i have said above i will not be holding my breath on this, but maybe… just maybe in the future this feature may return, fingers crossed!

Well that is it for now, there are a few others but not worth mentioning at this time, we will update you again once more arrive and we are sure many more rumors are just around the corner!

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