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What Would Make Bad Company 3 Different?

Although EA and DICE have made it clear that they plan to support Battlefield 3 heavily with post-release DLC, it has been revealed that a Battlefield Bad Company 3 game may already be in development but right now this is just a rumor.

Once again it is the wonders of LinkedIn that appears to have let slip the details, although with Battlefield[ 3 still seemingly just out the door, it doesn’t look like an official announcement was coming soon anyway.

Given the successes of Bad Company 2, it is logical though to assume that a third game is coming – but how will it actually differ to Battlefield 3? Bad Company 2 is essentially a toned down version of Battlefield 3 for console, but with a heavier story-driven campaign mode.

There’s no denying that Bad Company 2 was a very popular game, but the key for EA and DICE is actually making the game its own entity and not copying elements of Battlefield 3 and slapping the Frostbite 2.0 engine on it – BFBC2 used the Frostbite 1.5 engine just for reference.

Unlike a recent PS4 mention on LinkedIN which has now been updated as a ‘typo’, the information on Battlefield Bad Company 3 still remains according to GamerZines. Mirror’s Edge 2 is apparently on the way as well from DICE which is great news for fans who loved the first game in 2008.

Considering that we have still not had any post-release content for Battlefield 3 though (B2K already announced prior to release, so we’re not counting that), we think that a BFBC3 game will be treated with less enthusiasm for now. There is still a lot of issues that needs to be addressed with BF3, mainly the custom servers, so we would like to see some stability put back into that game first, before even thinking of DICE’s next potential project.

What are your thoughts on the apparent ‘outing’ of Bad Company 3?

Are you curious as to how they could distinguish the two games as well, to make Bad Company 3 completely a different.

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