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Warning Fake Battlefield 3 Beta Sites

We previously reported on a site that was trying to sell fake Battlefield 3 beta keys, well EA tried to take the site down with a DMCA claim that it was using artwork without authorization, but that didn’t hold up because the artwork is freely available and is used by other sites.

Some of the Battlefield 3 beta community did some digging and found several new sites that have been popping up around the web, all offering Battlefield 3 “beta keys”, including:



All the sites feature one scam or another, trying to trick you into giving up your email address, or worse. A select few are selling direct access to BF3 beta keys, while others are offering users to download a BF3 beta key generator. And we imagine, a ton of spyware bundled with it.

The problem has reached such proportions now that we at BF3blog are getting emails from users asking us where they can buy a BF3 beta key, and if BF3blog is considering selling keys (!). Here’s a recent email we received from one reader regarding the issue:

We wish EA would take a look into this matter, as the sites are pretending to be associated EA and the Battlefield brand, and are ultimately hurting the game, its loyal fans, fan sites, and especially, the newcomers to the franchise.

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