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Visceral’s Manager Steve Papoutsis Gets The Boot

Well what can i say here apart from Another one bites the dust!? As we all know EA has a high turn over of staff and now they might have gone and booted Visceral Games General Manager Steve Papoutsis also known on Twitter as leveluptime out of the team..

Franchise executive director on Dead Space and general manager and executive producer on Battlefield Hardline is gone and we are still not really clear on what has happened? Did Steve decide to leave on his own accord or was it the big dogs who have hard-lined him out?

Many rumors are saying he was not down for the task at hand, while others state the company has seen a huge drop in sales since his take over nearly 15 years ago.

The only confirmation we have so far is from Kotaku

Here is what a EA rep had to say:

We are thankful for Steve’s many contributions to EA and wish him the best. The Visceral team continues to be focused on new game content for Battlefield Hardline including expansion packs, as well as new development projects.

So that is all we know so far we will update you once more news comes in!

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