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Update – Battlefield 4 Community Map Project

Battlefield 4 Community Map Project – I am sure you have seen this but will post it up anyway, DICE are saying that the Community Map will soon be in production for Battlefield 4 and want to thank you for all the feedback and input you have put forward.

David & Tompen – DICE LA
The Battlefield 4 Community Map is soon in production! Thanks to your help and input, we are nearing the end of the concept phase. However, before we start building the map with you on the CTE we need your vote on one final aspect choosing a Map Concept.

Based on the latest poll results and our high level framework we have created three distinct concept options for our Jungle map for you to vote on.

The idea with having three concept options is to incorporate the previous poll results and ideas, while still maintaining three distinctly different map layouts and settings.

We chose to focus each of the concepts around one of the top 5 Points of Interests, and of course they all include a waterfall after all, this was the top rated Point of Interest!

Just to clarify the picked concept will be used to guide our development and to help us lock down what type of art resources and objects we need. It does not mean we can’t change things if we realize something doesn’t work out or just plays badly when testing it in the production phase.

You can check out some Battlefield 4 Community Map videos in our Video Gallery – Battlefield 4 or our YouTube channel, thanks for watching.

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