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Unwarranted Battlefield 4 PunkBuster Bans

DICE are investigating a recent unwarranted PunkBuster bans to a lot of players. DICE are working hard to resolve this issue as soon as possible and they thank you for your patience.

If you were playing Battlefield 4 last night you probably noticed that PunkBuster was banning a shed load of people and i do mean a lot.. We are not yet sure if this is either a EA server mess up or PunkBuster being attacked but once we know more we will let you all know, EA/DICE are currently working on the problem so if you was a ban victim (and innocent) then the ban will soon be removed. Follow us on Twitter for faster news updates!

We’ve identified an issue with PunkBuster on MOH BF3 & BF4. There should no longer be any unwarranted bans. Thank you for your patience.

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