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Unlock Heist Mode – Battlefield Hardline Beta

One of the community missions starts today Wednesday, January 21 and the reward is something special.

The Heist game mode will be playable in the Battlefield Hardline beta if you succeed! Your mission? Work together and score 2 Billion points in Battlefield 4 Rush mode.

A thrilling new year of Battlefield is upon us. The beta and the March 17 release of Battlefield Hardline in North America and March 19 and 20 in Europe is closing in. 2015 will also bring new content to Battlefield 4. In other words, times are good for fans of all-out war!

In honor of these two magnificent games, we’ve prepped some surprises for you Battlefield 4 players: weekly treats with a Battlefield Hardline flair. Every Wednesday from now until March 17, we’ll dish out all kinds of goodies, such as…

Gold Battlepacks
Community Missions
Hardline-themed Dog Tags
Exclusive wallpaper
…and more

Unlock Heist Mode for the Battlefield Hardline Beta

The community mission will run between January 21, 9 AM PST and Jan 24, 11:59 PM PST.

Good luck and stay awesome and log in to Battlelog regularly so you won’t miss any of the giveaways and events.

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