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Battlefield Informer Video Section

Hello community members i am KinJO187 and i want to just inform you about our nice new user friendly video section. Here at Battlefield Informer we have spent the last few weeks moving our videos over from our old tired out video section to a fully responsive one so now members can view our Battlefield…

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Battlefield Weekly Coming Soon

Over the next 10 weeks EA’s Dan Sheridan aka @EA_ActionMan plus special guests will be live streaming there Battlefield Weekly community show. Make sure to tune in this Wednesday at 6pm GMT. Featuring all the latest intel from the Battlefield and live streaming classic gameplay on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. That’s not all you…

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Battlefield Classics Blow Out Sale

The gang from EA/DICE are dishing out some of the old Battlefield classic games on the cheap such as BF2142, BF2 and Battlefield Bad Company in this all new Battlefield Blowout sale! This is the greatest time to join the fight. Huge deals on the entire franchise. BUY NOW: https://www.origin.com/en-gb/store/deals/sale/battlefield-blowout…

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Electronic Arts In A Nutshell

I came across this video today while i was browsing the net that i found pretty spot on about Electronic Arts! And after the recent release of Medal of Honor Warfighter (EPIC FAIL) i thought i would shed some humor on it. Electronic Arts In A Nutshell The below video was created by RushFreak2 and…

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10th Anniversary: Day of the Battlefield Veterans

Four of the Battlefield Veterans at DICE who helped shape Battlefield met for an open hearted 10th anniversary chat. They discussed Battlefield’s past, present, and future and we recorded the entire conversation. Here sits 40 years of Battlefield experience. Upper left: Magnus Walterstad. Upper right: Mats Dal. Lower left: Lars Gustavsson. Lower right: Stefan Vukanovic.…

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