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Battlefield 4 Patrick Bach Gamescom Interview

DICE Executive Producer for Battlefield 4 Patrick Bach goes through some new elements to the Battlefield such as Platoon emblems on vehicles and camos, new jets, new choppers and much more! From this Battlefield 4 interview at today’s Gamescom event what did we learn? Wei have listed some of them below: You can now add your platoon emblems to your vehicles. Dynamic weather effects will…

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Battlefield 4 Patrick Bach – Gameplay And Characters

EA: Join James Hill and Yasmin Evans as they get the inside track on the latest debut Battlefield 4 “Fishing in Baku” 17 minute trailer from the game’s Executive Producer at DICE, Patrick Bach. Patrick talks about the characters Irish, Recker and Dunn and how they crafted the characters, and how they also looked at movies and literature rather than other games for inspiration. The…

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Battlefield 3 Revisited Interview

Matt Cuttle traveled to Stockholm to speak to Executive Producer Patrick Bach, GM Karl-Magnus Troedsson and Creative Director Lars Gustavsson about their time spent creating and refining the franchise whilst building Battlefield 3. They talk about the creative freedom they had to make Battlefield 3 the they wanted, the greatest technological challenges they faced along the way, and the fans that supported them. They also…

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