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DICE Say Sorry For Battlefield V

Well at long long long last! DICE have finally made a statement about the performance of Battlefield V. We put up a poll about this on Twitter last night and now suddenly they make the below statement, but this is good news at least they are now starting to be honest about there mistakes. Our poll goes like this: Place your vote here: POLL Oskar…

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Battlefield 1 Game Facts From DICE – Official News

You want more Battlefield 1 game facts? Another short Q&A session has just ended with Aleksander Grøndal Senior Producer at DICE and responsible for Battlefield 1. This information has come from the horses mouth so you can class it as ”official” *In MP – Factions: British, German, Austro-Hungarian, Italian, Ottoman, and American. *There will definitely be game modes that cater to fewer players. (Suitable for…

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