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Battlefield 3 Free For Xbox One

Xbox One users you can now grab Battlefield 3 for free. Experience the ultimate heart-pounding action with Battlefield 3, winner of more than 60 gaming awards including the Gaming Critics Award for “Best Online Multiplayer.” Take on the chaos and destruction of the battlefield as bullets whiz by, as walls crumble around you and as explosions rock you to your core. Powered by the innovative…

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Battlefield Bootcamp – Destroying M-COMS

Welcome to Battlefield Bootcamp, a refresher course for Battlefield 3 players both old and new. This week Toby Connolly discusses the fine art of arming and destroying M-COM stations with Jonno Stanton. Destroying M-COM stations will rack up a considerable amount of points and generating a plan of action beforehand using the mini-map in the spawn menu can give you an advantage over the competition.…

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